The Abandoned Mine at the Spieljoch in Ziller Valley

An innovative Outdoor-Escape-Adventure at the Spieljoch

The new interactive adventure "The Abandoned Mine at the Spieljoch" in the Zillertal lures those who dare into a race for a mysterious legacy on the Spieljoch. Even after his death, the ingenious grandfather Mauritsch had to do one last joke - with all sorts of potential for family quarrels.

With a mysterious map, he sends you and his heirs on an eventful treasure hunt from the mountain station to the reservoirs and the middle station. The key is, that only the person who solves all the tricky puzzles and tasks first, will find the right way through the dangerous labyrinth in the (virtual) abandoned mine, get to the mysterious object, and have the right to the rich grandfather's inheritance.

Once visitors have solved all the tasks and puzzles, a big competition with great prizes awaits them.

Screenshots and audio samples

Some impressions directly from the audio drama experience – please turn on speakers.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Download and installation

Using the following link will allow you to download and install the audio drama experience directly onto your smartphone.



Use case

Adventure games


Tourismusverband Erste Ferienregion im Zillertal


Summer 2021 - summer 2022


Gerd Pircher, Haymo Pircher und Julienne Schult

Sounddesign & sound recordings

Gigaphon Entertainment






approx. 2.5 hours

Number of stations

13 Stations


Narrator: Rick Madewell; Bettina: Sarah Thomas; Helmut: Christian O´Boyle; Cousin Hans-Peter: Martin Sabel; Cousin Anna Luise: Saskia Haisch


English, German
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